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Cornish Culture Association.

The Cornish Culture Association.

The  Association has been set up to encourage people to take part in Cornish Culture by organising events, providing information and promoting any activity that advances it’s practice. The Cornish Culture Association is registered charity number 1159615.

We organise several events each year based on the traditional Cornish Calender

  • Montol
  • Candlemas
  • Penzance May Horns
  • Midsummer Bonfire
  • Guldize
  • Allantide
  • Redruth Wassail


We also host seasonal events on a non regular basis, these have included.

  • Paul Pitcher Night
  • St Piran’s Day


Music and Dance

The CCA runs several music and dance groups including the Raffidy Dumitz band a large processional band open to all regardless of abilitiy and our “Singing for Cornish Culture Events” project.

Workshops – We have run workshops in the past in the following areas.

Traditional costume creation workshops.
Guise Dancer mask making.
Cornish Traditional Corn Craft.
Making May Whistles workshops
Cornish Culture Courses.
Lectures on Cornish Folklore .

Our latest project is the Cornish Culture resource centre in Penzance which has facilities such as a costume library and a making space for our workshops.

We also have the largest online and Social Media presence of any Cornish Cultural group with over 2000 twitter followers and over half a million visitors to this site since its launch. We have a two highly succesful facebook pages and a youtube channel where we post regular videos on the subject of Cornish Culture.

We believe that Cornish Culture is the best way to bring the Cornish Community together regardless of ethnic origin, political beliefs, gender or any other factor. This makes our community stronger and more capable of dealing with the challenges of the 21st Century.

If you would like to support our work including that of the Montol Festival please join the association today.

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