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The Guise Guilds.

The Guise Guilds are the heart of Montol.  In 2014 there were three of these shadowy and secretive groups all based on the ancient Guise bands that used to roam the streets of the Cornwall during the Christmas period. Nominations for new guilds opens on the 31st of October and presented to Annual Guisers Assembly in early December.



The Master of the Corn-Market 2013

The Ancient Company of the Corn-market – The Corn-Market Revellers.

Ancient group – The Corn-Market Revellers (1830’s) [Source Williams Sandys, Davies Gilbert PRS]

Current Master. Ms Lamorna Dudding PMCM

Past Masters. 2013 Mr Nicholas Phillips PMCM

Led by – The Master of the Corn-Market assisted by Spy-The-Market and the Chancellor of the Cabbage.

Game: Spy the Market

Song: Who’s the fool now.

Drink: Mahogany

Banner: The World Turned Upside Down.

Beast: Skulldugger

Tavern of choice: The Admiral Benbow.

Home: The Market House




The Grand Vizier of the Turk’s 2014.

The Noble Company of the Turk’s Head – The Turks.

Ancient group: The Turk’s (Circa 1900’s)  [A H Hamilton Jenkin – description of Guisers]

Current Grand Vizier. Mr Jason Ferris PGVT

Led by: Gryphon Bone-Dancer, The Grand Vizier of the Turk’s Head

Game: The box of twickery

Banner:  The Imperial Standard of the Noble Company of the Turks

Drink: Rum and Shrub

Beast: In 2015 the Huma.

Tavern of choice: The Turk’s Head.

Home: The Turk’s Head





Ramesses the Egyptian’s Beast.

The Glorious Company of the Egyptian House – The ‘Gyptians.

Ancient group: The Tinkerlers Shop.(Circa 1830’s)  [Source Williams Sandys, Davies Gilbert PRS]

Current Master of the Egyptian House: Mrs Carol Tanner PMEH

Led by: Old Vulcan, the Master of Egyptian House

Game: The Tinkerlers shop.

Banner: None as yet.

Drink:  Methleglin.

Beast: Ramesses.

Music: Horatio’s Carol.

Tavern of choice: The Union Hotel.

Home:  The Egyptian House



plagueThe Splendid League of Physicians 

Led by: The Master of the Physicians

Guild type: Guise Dram

Banner: None as yet.

Drink:  None as yet

Beast: Under construction.

Tavern of choice: The Dock Inn



The Melodious Company of Peccadilloes

Led by: The Master of the Peccadilloes

Guild type: Visit Wassail Guild

Banner: None as yet.

Drink:  None as yet

Tavern of choice: The Dock Inn


All Guise Guilds must conform to the rules set out by the Annual Guisers Assembly.

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