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Our traditions.

The main tradition represented at Montol is Guise Dancing – The complex and vibrant tradition of disguise found in Cornwall. This means that all participants are encouraged to dress in the guise dance style which has several themes are variants.


The Montol Banner contains crucial imagery relating to the festival. The Sun Resplendent is the central image, the Winter Solstice marking the suns return. The words Golow and Tewlder in Cornish meaning “Light and Darkness”. Below the sun is the symbol of St Thomas the Apostle who’s Saints day is also on the 21st of December.

The Lord of Misrule – Selected by casting of lots, anyone dressed correctly can enter. The Lord of Misrule is the leader of the entire feast. He or she embodies the sense of topsy turvy and mockery of the established order that Montol champions.

The Guise Beasts – A mysterious creatures that appear at various times of the night. Some grotesque in appearance some more friendly.

The Chalking of the Mock ceremony,
The heart of Montol takes part at the late night procession where a Mock or Cornish Yule log is chalked.  A member of the public is chosen who then draws a “stick man” on the wood representing the old year and the birth of the new.  The Lord of Misrule then declares “According to our tradition this represents the end of the old and the beginning of the new”. The Mock is then burnt.

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